Deanna Haas

Assistant Account Executive

Who would play her in a movie:

Emma Watson, because she’s always wanted Belle’s library from Beauty & the Beast.

Favorite food:

Popcorn (movie theatre, specifically).

Something you might not know:

She’s a published poet! Her haiku was published in her university’s student arts journal.

It’s not often you hear of an agency courting for a junior position. But that was the case with bringing Deanna onto the team. Stumbling across her on Twitter, we took a deeper look at her ‘Love’s a Pitch’ blog and knew she’d be a great fit. Armed with a degree in English and love for the written word, Deanna covets her AP Style guide as much as she does her cat. In recognition of her passion for all things PR, Deanna has received the Publicity Club of New England’s 2017 Striker Award and Bulldog Reporter’s 2017 Up and Comer Award, both of which recognize a young practitioner who has demonstrated a love of the field, a dedication to their career and a superior work ethic.