This is a big year for our agency. We’ll be rolling out some exciting announcements soon, but it’s time to spill one of our latest developments. In January, I packed my bags and relocated to San Francisco to build out our agency’s presence on the west coast. My professional goals? Pursue new business and eventually hire a team. Personal goals? Enjoy a welcomed change of scenery and experience all this beautiful city has to offer.

Despite San Francisco’s obvious allure – California! Warm weather! Beaches! Hiking! Napa! Food! Yoga! – it’s a strategic move for our company. Not only is Silicon Valley an innovation hotbed, ripe for new business opportunity, but it’s also home to the exact kind of potential clientele we’re after – brilliant entrepreneurs disrupting their markets and changing the way we live, work and play. We’re searching for change-makers, passionate innovators who are on a mission to create businesses that make our lives better in some way. It’s no surprise that pursuing technology clients will be a big focus.

These first two months have been a blur (in the best way). I’ve coordinated approximately 35 networking meetings, met some amazing PR superstars in the Bay Area, attended a kickass PR party at Voce Communications, enjoyed a theme party hosted by Google execs, have become friends with stellar VCs, eaten delectable food, and met some all-around amazing, inspiring, friendly people.

Over the last two years, I’ve enjoyed giving back to my local PR community via PRSA Boston, so I wanted to find a cause in my new city as well. While attending the Startup Grind conference for our client, Harvard Business School’s HBX, I met the inspiring women of SheWorx. SheWorx is a global collective of ambitious female entrepreneurs redefining leadership. They’re on a mission that I very much support – to create a world driven by gender parity in entrepreneurial leadership. I’ll be lending pro-bono PR support to them and have already jumped right in. In fact, check out this Wall Street Journal feature story I helped them land (humble brag). Tune into my Twitter feed (@brooksbwallace) for more of our progress.

The entrepreneurial energy in this city is palpable. It can be overwhelming at times (it seems that everyone and their mother has started a business or is solving world hunger), but it’s a contagious environment to be part of, and I’m thankful to be here.

Speaking of thankful, I owe a big thanks to our femmeboss, Darlene, for trusting me to embark on this journey. It’s just another example of how fearless we are as an agency, and as a team. I’m always impressed by the amount of big ideas we have circulating on any given day. This bi-coastal agency pipe dream was one of them, and in 2017, we made it reality. It certainly fosters an exciting work environment that makes every member of the team feel like we’re part of something special. Who knows, maybe ‘Hollywood Goes Global’ will be our next blog post…stay tuned.

Cheers to fearlessly following our dreams and goals, and wish us luck! You can follow our #HollywoodWest chronicles on all our social handles.

Brooks Wallace
Account Supervisor