Welcome to Backstage, Hollywood PR’s new blog. Here, you’ll find everything from industry news and commentary to employee interviews and agency life tidbits. You might even catch a glimpse of some of Hollywood PR’s furry friends (yes, you heard us right: we are unapologetically pro-pets-at-work). Do you need more reasons to stick around than cute dogs and kittens?

You might be wondering where the names come from, and no, it’s not exactly what you think. Hollywood is the surname of our fearless leader, Darlene. And while we may dabble in celebrity engagements for clients, the goal for Backstage is to give an all-access look into what makes us tick and what it’s like to do rigorous, behind-the-scenes work at our communications agency.

At Hollywood PR, we reject monotony even more than journalists reject generic pitches, so we’ll do our best to make this blog reflect that. The role of public relations is changing rapidly and you’ll hear all about it — and more — from both the junior and senior members of our team.

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​- The Hollywood PR team