Work hard, play hard.

Lots of companies say it, but do they really mean it? While some companies may not like to admit it, the secret to a highly productive office is balancing the ‘work hard’ with a healthy dose of ‘play hard.’ It makes the entire machine run a little smoother. Hollywood Public Relations understands that balance and, on almost every occasion, Darlene is our fearless – and fun – leader…in both work and play.

It goes without saying that we all work incredibly hard. We work hard for our clients, we work hard for the agency, and we work hard for ourselves.  Long hours, late nights, lots of travel – it’s all part of agency life.

But what really makes HPR such a fun place to work? Perks that go above and beyond aside, we enjoy four additional Fridays off each summer (on top of a generous vacation package), flexible hours for working moms, ocean views, dog bowls for our four-legged friends, and a pack of fresh Mr. Smelly markers in the supply closet in case the babysitter cancels last minute. But on top of that, there are plenty of extracurricular opportunities for the growing team to put work aside (which to a PR person just means setting your phone to vibrate), and have some fun! The annual company off-site, which has taken us to a spa, deep-sea fishing, and on a scavenger-hunt through Providence (some on foot, others in a ‘borrowed’ police car), the Christmas parties that fuel belly-laughing stories well into the spring, the St. Patrick’s Day parties at the old offices (where a prize wheel and Tori Spelling were special guests), and the annual Summer BBQ at the Hale/Hollywood house, which may or may not end in barely-legal fireworks. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Hollywood life.

Working hard is clearly part of HPR’s DNA, but playing hard is a job requirement.

So what is everyone’s favorite (non-client related) thing about working at HPR? We’ll let this word cloud and our Instagram do the talking for us.