About Us

So how, exactly, do we make brands famous?

We think outside the box. We stretch boundaries well beyond the industry norm to create programs that get attention – award-winning attention.

Like those in a top Hollywood studio, we generate work that’s characterized by new, fresh thinking from our talented cast, while focusing on audiences who matter the most. In essence, it all comes down to our agency’s winning combination of creativity, culture and compelling content.

Our persistence and industry experience (as communicators, writers, designers) produces integrated services and campaigns – from traditional public relations to social/digital channels and much more – that mean blockbuster results for you.


At Hollywood Agency, we make your brand the star.


Other than those proverbial 15 minutes, fame can be hard to come by — and even harder to sustain. This leaves agencies with two fundamental questions: how do we elevate clients to this point and, once we do, how do we keep them there? Unfortunately, the answers from many agencies are so similar, it’s often difficult to identify the right agency partner who can think creatively and problem solve in a way that provides real business value.

At Hollywood Agency, embracing this challenge prompted us to deliver a new way of thinking, new methodologies and processes that stretch beyond industry norms. We believe that achieving truly disruptive outcomes begins with a degree of fearlessness, not recklessness, in the concepts we brainstorm and campaigns we deliver for clients.

For consumer brands, that can translate to campaigns designed to increase brand awareness and loyalty, support ecommerce, drive sell-in and sell-through, and engage core influencer and consumer segments.

For B2B clients, we understand the need to drive sales. Through new tools and new thinking, we created a sales enablement inititiave designed to help clients identify, target and sell to key decision makers more effectively.

Built around the belief that strategy and creativity can work in harmony, and compelling content is king, Hollywood Agency’s service offerings include:

Campaign Ideation

Social Media

Media Relations

Content Strategy & Creation

Events & Activations

Creative & Video Services

Influencer Engagement

Community Management

Crisis Counsel & Communications

SEM, SEO & Digital