Joanna Weinstein

Senior Account Executive

Who would play her in a movie:

Kristen Wiig, because freedom is the key to her personality. She’s full of surprises and can be ridiculously hilarious or straight up dramatic in her roles. A smart, down-to-earth lady boss who often makes you go WTF? Wiig just gets it.

Most likely to:

Spill coffee all over herself in the morning. Joanna is a professional klutz and coffee fiend.

Something you might not know:

For 30 Rock fans, Joanna was Kenneth Parcell in real life. She worked as an NBCUniversal Page shortly after college, giving studio tours and working on shows like SNL, Weekend TODAY and Mad Money with Jim Cramer. One time, she and Jimmy Fallon chatted about Chipotle in an elevator.

Joanna, or “Jo” for short, left the world of television news in NYC after five years, moved to New England, and shifted gears to public relations. Prior to joining Hollywood Agency, she dabbled in high-tech PR. Before that, she produced TV programming for CNBC’s specials unit, covering everything from breaking news to food, fashion, tech start-ups, real estate and the lives of the super rich. As a senior account executive, she knows how producers and reporters think, and is always ready for the unexpected.

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