Katlyn Evans

Director of Creative Services

Who would play her in a movie:

Krysten Ridder for her role in Jessica Jones, because she’s mysterious, never quits and is always rocking band tees, leather jackets and ripped jeans. In real life, Krysten plays guitar and sings in a band, and so does Kat.

In an alternate universe, her job would be:

Hollywood stunt driver. Or CIA operative.

Fun fact:

She once got to perform right before the Original Wailers. One of the band members approached her backstage and said, “Dang girl, you can sing!” The first time she had ever sang in front of anyone was only two months prior.

Katlyn, or Kat, enjoys working with growing brands to build an elevated, consistent and recognizable identity, vision and voice that is carried creatively across all channels, campaigns and products. She’s never afraid to step out of her comfort zone to fulfill client needs that are outside of her wheelhouse and jokes that she’s a left-brained creative because she’s extremely organized. She has a well-rounded resume of creative experience serving as an in-house art director and creative team manager, designer, photography product director, video director, event media director and brand consultant. In addition to serving as Hollywood’s director of creative services, Kat owns and operates creative services agency, Red Eye Media.