Kim MacKenzie

Senior Account Executive

Who would play her in a movie:

Kaitlin Olsen, for her role as “Sweet Dee” Reynolds on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Through her unconventional wit, Dee often propels her inner circle (“the gang”) down the road less traveled. One major difference? While Dee is trying to break into Hollywood, Kim’s already here.

Most likely to:

Kick things up a notch during a brainstorm.

Something you might not know:

Kim is a 90s hip hop fanatic, but a brief gothic phase in her teens led her to three Marilyn Manson concerts.

Attitude is everything and Kim’s approach to everything is met with a great attitude. First on the scene at Hollywood Agency almost seven years ago, her previous sales background has translated well into positioning clients’ stories to the media. Her pithiness of prose also makes her the agency’s go-to girl for those one-liners that frame an event name, slogan or subject line of an email pitch.