Mary-Catherine Citarelli

Senior Account Executive

Who would play her in a movie:

Kate Hudson, because she’s a big city gal who traded a city lifestyle for a life full of adventure with her Matthew McConaughey.

Obsessed with:

Her Golden Retriever, Maverick. You can probably find multiple pictures of him around her desk, Facebook and Instagram (don’t even get her started on the photos around the house).

Something you might not know:

She was selected to speak at her college graduation’s Baccalaureate ceremony in front of 1,500 people and had the whole place in tears.

Mary-Catherine, or MC as most in the PR industry call her, has touched both the tech and consumer PR worlds. Prior to joining Hollywood Agency, she logged four years of consumer PR experience under her belt, working on everything from pet food to Dungeons & Dragons. As a senior account executive, she brings her media tenacity to drive results and coverage to all her client programs.

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