Monica Higgins

Vice President

Who would play her in a movie:

Courteney Cox, for her role as Monica from Friends because she is maternal, obsessed with organization, slightly competitive on game night, and her hair swells in heat and humidity (See “The One in Barbados”). Sheeee’s breezy!

Most likely to:

Be the one you’d want to be with if stranded on a deserted island because the contents of an entire CVS can usually be found in her purse.

Something you might now know:

Will answer to Momica, Gin & Tonica and, most importantly, Mumma at home.

With stints at some of New York and Boston’s most renowned agencies, Monica brings big-budget experience to the boutique. Well into her second decade of promoting reputably-established brands, her eclectic portfolio includes work with apparel and accessories, toys and juvenile products and consumer electronics. She’s a PR generalist who thrives under pressure, can throw events and parties in her sleep, and is obsessed with building mutually-respectful and lasting relationships with her clients.