Ryan McKenna

Senior Account Executive

Who would play him in a movie:

Bill Hader. Although he barely sees the similarity, Ryan has been compared to him more times than you can imagine. Occasionally, he’ll be asked for an autograph.

Obsessed with:

The Golden State Warriors and hot sauces. Some would say the Warriors are the hot sauce.

Believes that:

Brands deserve to thrive based on their own merit. If a worthy story exists, success can always follow.

Ryan comes to Hollywood from a four-year tenure with BRAWNER Communications, an award-winning PR firm based in Washington, DC. There, he worked in corporate governance, ethics and compliance, food and beverage, and fintech. Ryan played an integral role in shaping many national conversations, such as misconduct in the workplace and Boardroom responsibility in cybersecurity offenses. As a Senior Account Executive, Ryan continues to be driven to give brands the means to entice the press, earn third-party credibility and become leaders in their respective industries.