If you told me two years ago that I would be working as an art director at a public relations agency, I would have called you crazy. Well, here I am… and I couldn’t be happier. Back in February when Darlene offered me a spot on the Hollywood Agency team, I couldn’t wait to take my talents to the Hingham Shipyard.

I majored in visual communications and minored in advertising at the University of Delaware, so I was required to take a few PR classes. After graduating in 2018, I interned at an integrated agency in Boston that focused pretty heavily on media relations and PR, so I thought I had a pretty decent understanding of how public relations works. Well, you guessed it… I was wrong. There is so much more to it than I could have ever imagined.

Just some of the things that wow me the most about this team is the detail and determination they put in to choosing the right influencers to help elevate a brand, the way that they beautifully craft a press release or a blog post, the creativity and strategy behind a client’s social presence… and the list goes on. The wide range of talent and capabilities has allowed me to tap into a creative place that I have never been before. And even after spending a few months here, I continue to learn more and more about this industry every day.

When I first started, no one really knew what I did, and I didn’t fully understand what they did. But as time went on, things evolved – quickly. It all started off with winning a new business pitch on a trip to Utah. From there, we pitched a few of Hollywood’s current clients the new capabilities that we can offer through art direction, which led to some more projects. After working on multiple clients with different team members we found our groove. I take their compelling stories and bring them to life visually.

For example, creating an infographic to highlight important statistics or creating assets for a dynamic paid social campaign. I also help out in the brainstorming stage, during which we concept campaigns and stories that need to be told. Now I am cranking out work for a variety of clients such as, Pria by BLACK + DECKER, TOMY, The Company Theatre and Medline’s Kitchen Blends.

I also actively participate in the agency’s new business process to help illuminate the team’s creativity within a pitch presentation. I have also been tasked to help art direct our agency’s social channels, as well as redesign the Hollywood website. One of my favorite tasks unrelated to design is helping run the agency’s Culture Club (aka the FUNdamentalists). We brainstorm and throw events like happy hours, team building activities, birthday celebrations and more. Most recently, we hosted a virtual happy hour where we all chose a “Parks and Recreation” character and had to make drink that matched their personality. We also played a few rounds of Scattergories, which definitely brought out the competitive side in some of us, but who doesn’t like a little healthy competition!

The thing that sets this agency apart from the rest is being able to work with a group of empowering, inspiring and supportive women. As most of you know, agency life can be rigorous – especially on the ladies – so having an amazing team around me fuels my success and creativity. I like to think that finding the perfect job is like searching for the college you’re going to attend: it has to have good culture, a nice “campus,” and the right people. So Hollywood checks off all those boxes for me. While this is all kind of new for me, I am going with the flow, we are making up some rules as we go, and together we are creating thoughtful and beautiful work for our clients. Thank you Hollywood, for taking me in and making me a part of your amazing family.