Our own West Coast Lead Brooks Wallace was interviewed
recently by PR Daily on the emerging role of paid media in today’s public relations landscape. The article was part of a series on the PESO (paid, earned, shared and owned media) model. In it, Brooks shared her thoughts on the importance of balancing earned and paid, along with the need for transparency with an increasingly savvy consumer audience.

“Nowadays, paid must be part of everyone’s media budget,” she says. “Especially on social media, if you don’t pay, you don’t play.” 

She argues that the key is to balance your ads with earned media placements. “Since earned media is still alive and well, a steady amount of paid spend can be balanced with unpaid earned media for brands with savvy PR teams,” she says.

Social media has become a pay-to-play environment with limited organic reach on platforms like Facebook. Influencer marketing is also a tool for a PR pro—but it requires a budget.

The full article is available here.