I’m all about pop culture. I’m one of those people whose nose is constantly buried in her phone – top Instagram accounts? I follow them. Recent news headlines? I’ve read them. The latest lingo? You’ve come to the right place, fam. And in tandem, what I’m really all about is the Internet. The social space. The digital domain. A couple of years ago, Facebook felt like a foreign land and now, it’s my backyard.

If you’re a company that needs digital marketing help (read: you do), here are the dos and don’ts of adapting a captivating social presence:

DO: Trust us.

You consume so many posts per day/week/month/year that you know what content looks like, BUT there are nuances to each platform’s voice, audience and post structure. Trust your agency or internal content team when we say we know what we’re doing.

DON’T: Expect things to happen overnight.

If your brand is new to social, or if you’re new to a specific channel, do not expect to see robust results in one day, week, or in many cases, even one month. In personal experience, the threshold for a reliable data set is two to three months, which is a realistic timeframe to begin recognizing trends. 

DO: Expect to pay for advertising.

Social media is pay-to-play, and while there are organic strategies and concepts that can be successfully implemented, there will be a paid component to any well-planned social strategy.

DON’T: Be discouraged if an ad doesn’t over-perform.

Ads can be stopped! At any time! We have a saying at our agency, “Never set and forget.” Digital advertisements can be adjusted at any hour of the day and should be if they aren’t performing as quickly as you’d like. The beauty of digital marketing is that it’s always at your fingertips.

DO: Jump in on trending topics if they are relevant to your brand/messaging.

DON’T: Jump in because other brands are or because you feel like you should.  

Natural disasters, tragedies and even politics, are widely discussed by the masses these days, especially on social media, but that doesn’t mean every brand should take part in the conversation. Be mindful of who your audience is, why your brand is considering inserting themselves and how it could come across. There’s nothing worse than a bandwagon fan.

Well, actually, there’s nothing worse than not having a rock solid social strategy. Want to talk your brand’s? We’re here to help. Hit us up @hwdagency.

Linnea Kennison
Digital Media Specialist


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