When I look out the window at the water, it has an immediate calming effect. And that’s no coincidence; it’s why we chose Hingham as our new home.

Regularly recognized as one of the most stressful professions in the world (though I’m not sure I’d put us in the company of enlisted military, police and firefighters, CNBC does) serenity is a savior.

Some might question the decision to move. Not that anyone wouldn’t want to work here, but the view comes at a price, and with another year on our current lease it wasn’t the most responsible fiduciary decision ever made. But money can’t always be the defining factor. Our staff drives revenue, and their care and comfort matters. A lot.

But there is a financial upside after all. There’s a slew of research that points toward greater employee satisfaction tied to the work environment:

  • One study shows workers in windowed offices spend 15 percent more time staying on task than colleagues in windowless offices.
  • The Smithsonian reports on five health benefits tied to those fancy standing desks we bought, including reduced risk to things like obesity, diabetes and cancer.
  • The American Society for Horticultural Science says offices with plants make employees happier and heathier!

At the beginning of April, we packed up what we needed and left the rest behind (Ikea, you’ve been good to us, but we’ve outgrown you). Now, six weeks into our stay it really feels as if we’re home. 18 Shipyard Drive reflects who we are – bold, bright, creative and, conversely, calm.

Ferry service delivers you from Boston’s Seaport to our back door. We hope you’ll visit soon, even if just to refresh from the chaos of everywhere else.

Darlene Hollywood